Understanding customer service.

While these moments keep occurring within a business, capturing these moments remains essential in enhancing business performance. The identification of such moments therefore becomes essential in reacting to the moment of truth presented to a businessperson.

Jan Carlzon’s moment of truth focused on instances when businesspersons came into contact with customers. While the customer remains the most influential stakeholder to the success of business, this might not be the only moment of truth. Coming into contact with customer, however, remains a significant moment because the business becomes enabled to learn about the perceptions of the customer (Carlzon 1989). Understanding these feeling and perceptions remains essential in making customer service better. Within service focused businesses, this aspect of contacting the customer remains essential as the customer consumes the services directly. Within a manufacturing industry the instances of making such contact become increasingly limited. Customers rarely have direct contact with the company and the moment of truth could be encountered through the products delivered.

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Understanding customer service.
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Encounters with realistic experiences enable visualization of experiences based on the perceptions of other individuals. Companies can improve their performance through addressing various issues occurring within a moment of truth, by initiating essential changes into business operations. Not all interactions with customers could be defined as moments of truth. Increased focus on customer interactions could provide misleading information regarding the expectations of other people regarding the business products and services. Business products can enable business customers to make decisions regarding company products or services. Moments of truth can be established through analysis of company performance, based on the vision and mission of the company.

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