Understanding training and coaching in the workplace.

This can be done by: analysing the current skills of the employees. emerging organisational changes, for example new computer systems and/or production methods, identifying skills that can help the business and then consider training options accordingly (nibusinessinfo.co.uk, n.d.).

TNA can also help management to distinguish the type of training needed to bridge the gap between workers present expertise level and the ability level that organisations need. TNA breaks down information around a particular occupation or a gathering of occupations to focus the learning, abilities, disposition and capacities expected to accomplish ideal execution in that employment or occupation gathering (Reyes, 2014).

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Understanding training and coaching in the workplace.
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The workforce at McDonald’s can be trained through a number of training techniques which allow sufficient interactions and exposure for the employees to grasp knowledge and develop the relative skills. Since most of the staff is usually involved in servicing customers, taking order and making food orders, methods like on the job training, cross training, shadow training and interactive training methods, which involve constant employee participation and focus, can be utilised (Hr.com, 2001). These may include: quizzes, group discussions, practical demonstrations and role playing. Intuitive training sessions help to keep trainees occupied with the training, which makes reciprocate to the new data and they can also give in-session criticism to mentors on how well trainees are learning (Hr.com, 2001).

Blended learning approach: involves recognising that one training method will not suit every employee. More or less, blended learning means utilising more than one training technique to prepare employees on one subject. This methodology can be best suited to the organisation as the organisation has mixed range of activities, like: production, service and management. Mixed adapting essentially bodes well (Trainingtoday.blr.com,

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