Unhealthy Diets

Final Draft Compare and Contrast: Unhealthy Diets Fast food as we all know; its tasty, handy, and inexpensive. In our day and age it is extremely easy to maintain an unhealthy diet, as opposed to a healthy one. There are some main factors to why, unhealthy and fast food is cheap and easy to get, second reason is because fast food is located almost everywhere and the advertisements can be very persuading, and last is because people simply do not have enough time to make a home cooked meal. This overall can be avoided and healthy food can be the healthy alternative.
But fast food is still the priority for the majority of people when looking for a meal. The first reason is that unhealthy food is cheaper than healthy food, which causes more people to buy unhealthy food that is bad for you. Buying higher priced healthy food would do much better for you than any fast food place. Fast food causes people to become unhealthy, gain weight, and maybe even gain a disease. Fast food has bad consequences but still is bought constantly on a daily basis. But healthy food prevents you from gaining weight, unhealthy diseases, and keeps you healthy.
So why is healthy food not acknowledged as much as unhealthy food is, because of the cheap attractive prices for fast food. Not all healthy food is actually expensive but people do not have the time to find alternatives that would actually benefit them. For example, sharing a foot long sub from subway with a co-worker or classmate can be better than the occasional fast food. This is not the only way you can avoid an unhealthy diet but there is no way to avoid the advertisements. Eating healthy is not as easy as it seems to be, or is it?

There seems to be a lot of fast food advertisements everywhere but not so many healthy choices are on their menu, which brings up the second reason. Is it really harder to keep a healthy diet rather than an unhealthy one, maybe? Or people are not looking good enough for other options. In our society, it is very easy to even fall into an unhealthy diet because of people and media influencing us to do so. There many advertisements for unhealthy fast food but not as much for healthy food. You will see all the advertisements of new cheap deals for unhealthy fast food such as billboards, television product placement, or ven friends trying to inform you on cheap meals. But that should not give you a reason to give in and start an unhealthy diet. You can as easy as look around your area for fast food restaurants that offer healthy food. Or it can be as simple as continuing going to the fast food restaurant you usually attend but instead order something healthy. These are small but important ways of how to avoid an unhealthy diet. There are in fact at least a few other ways you can get out of eating unhealthy junk food.
Here comes the option of having to cook for yourself, but not many people have that time or are too lazy to. Even cooking home meals has almost become obsolete because of everyone being in a rush to eat. Finally, people might not even like the frequent visits to fast food restaurants but are “forced to” just because they do not have enough time to have a home cooked meal. This can be the result of having a family to provide for, with having to work long hours, to much time spent in class, studying, or maybe even both. And even young students are accustomed to an unhealthy diet on a regular daily basis.
There also people who just are too lazy to cook or at least make a sandwich at home for their next day at work or school. Money is also a main result of this because students do not have enough money to spend everyday on food that is more than their 0. 99-cent cheeseburger. That seems to be more amusing to people and they rather do that everyday then staying healthy and preparing healthy food. This is why there should be more advertisement that persuades people to buy healthy cheap affordable food. Fast food will probably be the most common food resource only because of the laziness of people not eating healthy food.
Also because of the appealing cheap prices and delicious taste. And healthy food will probably stay underrated even though should be the first choice for fast food. Hopefully home cooked meals will be considered more often and taken into action. Unhealthy fast food restaurants will always have more advertisements than healthy advertisements because of all the customers that the restaurant receives. So instead of giving into a simple unhealthy diet, take your time to notice the healthy food and start your own healthy diet. 1

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