Unit VI project domestic terrorism.

For a period spanning to almost two decades, Theodore John Kaczynski waged a solitary terrorist war in United States of America. He is a former professor of mathematics in Harvard and Berkeley. According to reflections of his childhood as presented by his family, the Unabomber preferred solitude. Nonetheless, his IQ was regarded above genius, a condition that presumably led him to win a scholarship to study at Harvard when he was aged 16 years. His solitary preference became evident at age 26 when he relinquished his teaching duties at Berkeley University. He suddenly isolated himself from the society (McCann, 2006).

Kaczynski rolled out his first attack three days immediately after his 36th birthday. He used letter bombs to target university professors in the field of computer science, engineering and biology. He also targeted the owners and managers of airlines. In a given case, Ted aimed at hitting a businessman who ran a small computer store. To scare away investigators, he used pieces of small of his bombs marked with the initials FC. FC is the initial for Freedom Club, which is the infamous terrorist group objecting all forms of scientific and technological advancements (McCann, 2006).

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Unit VI project domestic terrorism.
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Essentially, Kaczynski wanted to pass a message that he was opposed to technological advancements. According to the tip received from his brother, David, Ted’s Manifesto was entitles Industrial Society and its Future. It claimed strong attachment with anarchists and the environmentalists who objected the application of technology in the production processes. His specific targets were businessmen, scientists as well as innocent people. Several accounts of terrorist charges were leveled against him following his arrest in 1996 including 16 letter bombs that ended up killing three people and injuring 29 more.

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