United States History.

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For fear of persecution, they first fled towards Holland but later travelled towards a remote area. Finally they settled into a place which began to be known as the Plymouth Colony,

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During that time, there were many Protestants who defied the authority of the Anglican Church. These men and women fled from England and boarded the ship name Mayflower and travelled to America in the hope of settling there. They finally settled in Cape Cod, which would later come to be known as Massachusetts. There they settled and created a charter with the name of Mayflower compact. This document holds immense importance since it played a vital role in the formation of the US constitution.

Quakers, also known as the Society of Friends were a religious group prevalent in England. They believed in equality, justice and pacifism and that is why they never took part in any of the England’s wars. They also refused to bow down to any nobles or pay taxes if they believed that the revenues would be used for the purpose of war. As a result of their persecution, many of the Quakers travelled to America and stayed in Pennsylvania where they played a very important role in its development.

The colonial charters held a very important position in the colonial society since they were the most basic charters of law or constitution of the colonies at that time. Charters were given to different states and they defined the relationship between the parent country and the colony without any direct involvement. The whole governance, with the exception of a few things was based on these colonial charters. These charters were also responsible for great historical developments. These include the revolutionary era in which some of the terms of the charter actually increased fuel to the fire.

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