United States of America be the leading economic power?

This article analyzed many different points about slavery and the economic advantages that it gave white Americans and ultimately led to the United States of America becoming the leading economic power. This all began because white people needed laborers to work their fields and crops and the Native Americans did not work out well. So they tried to pay Africans and Native Americans to work the crops and fields at first but then decided to force them to work in the fields and crops under the threat of constant abuse and torture. Slavery gave America a super advantage and is the economic workhorse behind this country’s extreme wealth and advantages over all other civilizations in the world. White Americans attempted to write history in such a way as to negate the importance of slavery in the economic advantages that they gained in this country from slavery. They tried to write history in such a way that people would look at slavery as a time where the slaves were happy and worked because they wanted to and not because they were forced to. This distorted view of reality allowed white America to lessen the fact that if it were not for slavery in America then this country would not be the super power that it is today. It allows white America to deny the fact that the United States of America was built on the backs of African Americans. During the Civil War, the northerners allowed African Americans to join their ranks because they were loosing the war. When they saw that having African Americans as infantrymen helped them in war they put out a call for all slaves who wanted freedom to come join the north. They then said the war was about ending slavery. After the North won many northerners showed their true colors and refused to hire African Americans.

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United States of America be the leading economic power?
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