University Degree Necessary to success.


Recent years have seen significantly many cases of success that are not directly linked to university education such as degrees. For example, some of the most successful people in the world such as Marc Zuckerburg and Bill Gates dropped out of college and only sought a degree later while already successful. This implies that a success is not dependent on a university degree.

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University Degree Necessary to success.
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There are significantly high numbers of people in the world who are successful yet their success is not based on a university degree. In fact, the most successful people in the world today are not dependent on degrees. In the modern world, there is arguably more to life in relation to success than a university degree. Business oriented practices form the basics of success and effective business practices are not necessarily tied to degrees. The basic education offered up to the high school level is enough to offer knowledge on some of the most important dynamics of a successful business. Post high school education mainly lays emphasis and advances already known facts in relation to business. Additionally, a significantly high number of people in the modern day do not engage in careers that are directly linked to their majors in the university. For example, there are people who majored, say, in history yet their career is based on something different like a social media coordinator. There are many more people with a similar situation yet they are faring exceptionally well. In such situations little of the knowledge and education acquired in the university is applied yet in most cases performance is brilliant. This implies that degrees are not essential for good performance that consequently constitutes to success but rather determination and effort are crucial.

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