They study at home and learn from their own life experience. Unschooling is rather controversial: from one point of view it can give young people more opportunities to learn from the natural experience, from the other point of view, it can prevent children from receiving normal education. Here I would like to emphasize that home schooling is possible and good but everything depends on parents and their efforts.

In the article the author presents the case of the 6-year-old boy who is unschooled. He does not go to school but plays games and goes shopping instead. His mother does not care if he reads textbooks or learn vocabulary. He learned to read from Pokemon cards and to count in the supermarket when choosing what is cheaper and what to buy. The opponents of unschooling are sure that such children may miss important points given in school. But boy’s mother does not think so. She says that her son will get standard education but with the help of soft and unobtrusive approach. For example, when she wants her son to read a textbook, she does not order him to do that. She just leaves the book in the room and one day he starts reading it himself.

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I consider unschooling to be a very interesting new approach. However much depends on parents.

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