Urban futures: Field trip design and conduct (Mobility).


Majority of these zones only allow emergency vehicles to access the areas (Melia, Barton & Parkhurst 2010). Delivery vehicles can access the areas at specific time or alternatively use side streets.

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Urban futures: Field trip design and conduct (Mobility).
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There are a number of plazas and arcades similar to the Times Square area in New York. The arcades comprise of boutiques and eateries (Scheurer 2001). As mentioned earlier, the real estate price in the area is high. This means that majority of the business owners are in the high-class status. This is similar to other Malls in other cities. The medium class and the lower class cannot be able to afford house prices in the area. Rundle Mall is a commerce hub in the area. This means there are no residential and industrial buildings in the area. Times Square also contains commercial houses with no industrial activity taking place within that area (Melia, Barton & Parkhurst 2010). The area also comprise of wide streets lined up with artifacts at strategic points. ‘The Spheres’ is one of the best known sculptures in the Australian mall. Times Square area in New York is also lined with a number of artifacts such as those in the Duffy area.

Rundle Mall and Pedestrian Mall areas in Adelaide were set aside as a result of a strategic plan. Experts and local interest groups came up with the idea. Currently, there is a master plan that is significantly set to transform Rundle Mall. The design phase of the master plan has already been completed. Malls in the United States were also established through a strategic plan.

Pedestrian Mall and Rundle Mall have a number of advantages in terms of mobility. Some of the areas are closed to traffic and hence pedestrians can be able walk without the hustle and bustle created by motorists. Development in the area is manned by a management authority that comprise of a Board of Directors (Schriever 2007). The authority is also responsible for ensuring that there is high security in the area.

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