Using Argument and Persuasion in Writing.


Even though this story was only the figment of writer Caspian Tredwell-Owens imagination. It is not something that is too far from the reality that we currently face in the fight to prevent the cloning of human beings. The proponents of Human Cloning do so in the name of science. Their stand being that by cloning humans,

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Using Argument and Persuasion in Writing.
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we will gain the much needed medical advantage and understanding of illnesses and easily be able to avert, cure, or create person specific vaccines for the recipients of Human Cloning technology.

Although these supporters have sound and valid arguments, they fail to see that Human Clones are just as their name implies, human beings. Even though they are the final product of a highly complicated medical science, it does not erase the fact that these people shall, in the future, be born into this world as innocents. They will experience life and live their lives until some doctor tells them they can no longer live because their body parts are now needed. In other words, Human cloning turns their creators, the doctors and clone nurturers into gods. Having the power to give and take a life at their own convenience and hide the murder of another human being behind the cloak of medical science and technological advancement.

Man was not created in a manner that he can be allowed by natural forces to live forever. Our bodies were not designed to be like car parts that can be replaced once it is worn down. Transplant technology is one thing. Such a technology is governed by rules and often comes from donors who are no longer part of this world. Such an argument cannot be used in support of human cloning. It is one thing to take a perfectly good body part from a person whom you know no longer has any use for it and another to harvest a body part from an exact genetic replica of a person in order to save his life. Think about it.

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