Vermiculture Technology.


However, a collection of warms with different feeding styles is preferred. This may include column feeders, burrowing feeders and surface feeders, which do not pose a competition for nutrients, but in the process compliments each other in the feeding process.

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The worms work in a similar way as in natural decomposition pits. they disintegrate organic matter into small fragments. In the process, they breathe and promote fermentation of the nutrient content. A vermicompost also contains microbes, which aid in the decomposition process. In the event that the materials are depleted, the worm poop and the content are ready for harvesting.

The technology is generally cheap and easy to practice for both large and small-scale farmers. The farmer needs to rear the worms in pits, about 3m deep. Broken bricks and earthwork are placed at the bottom to provide for good drainage, the base materials be then covered with a thin layer of cow dung. The materials to be decomposed are then introduced into the pit and water sprinkled to create a conducive environment for the worms. Finally, the worms are introduced to initiate the process (Graft, 2001).

Non-continuous- this type of bin involves placing the bedding materials at the base of the bin the adding materials to be decomposed in layers above each other. The worms will then feed on the materials uniformly up the bin. Its major disadvantage in that the entire content of the bin have to be emptied for harvesting.

Continuous vertical bin- A series of trays arranged vertically are used in this process. Materials in the order of bedding-worms-organic matter is placed in the bottom tray and finally sealed with a layer of rich bedding. When the worms are through with the content of the lower tray, they move upwards and the lower tray can be harvested.

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