Veterans Health Administration NSQIP Program Case Analysis.

The benchmark standards were established by understanding and comparing the characteristics of best performers. The major criteria used were health status of patients after medical treatment. The morbidity and mortality rate in 30 post operative days. length of patients’ stay after operation. patients level of satisfaction. surgical and anesthesia techniques used. better supervision of residents in surgical training. and impact of technology and equipment. These benchmark standards were vital issues that reflected health status of patients and thereby, the level of services and impact of technology in surgeries.

The program relied on using data comprising of pre-operative patient risk factor. key intra-operative process information. post operative 30 days morbidity and mortality rates. and length of stay. These were critical issues within the surgery that gave vital information about the outcomes of operations. The information collected from the database of surgical outcomes from 123 VAMS greatly helped to improve and improvise operations when the information was used to optimize surgical outcome.

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Veterans Health Administration NSQIP Program Case Analysis.
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The NSQIP or Nation Administration Quality Improvement Program was highly successful that significantly contributed in the improvement of surgical outcome across VAMS. Indeed, while the morbidity and mortality rates were considerably reduced, the length of patients stay was also decreased from 10.2 days to 5 days. The length of stay was deemed important as it illustrated the efficacy of treatment and endorsed patients’ satisfaction. It clearly showed vast improvement in the health status of patients after the surgery, thus reaffirming the importance of new programs in developing an effective healthcare delivery system.

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