Video games.

03 need for speed underground (Sewart, 2006), they game introduced car body customization in which the players could change the appearance of their cars based on their preferences. There have been several versions of the game each with its own unique upgrades. the most recent version is need for speed hot pursuit.

This paper is going to focus on the more popular “most wanted” version which preceded latest one. The game is set in a fictitious city by the name Rosewood and its environs comprising the shorelines sprawling conurbation, and industrial complexes (Need for Speed, 2002). It commences with a pre-arranged story line in which the player enters the game at the bottom of a blacklist and has to make his way up to the top to earn respect rank and money. Other significant future include the fact that one makes money by earning a bounty which is the money rewarded for causing destruction and traffic offences wrecking police cars as well as winning races. In the game, one gets to pick the car of choice from a list of top of the range cars, nevertheless they have to earn their car by making enough virtual money to buy them or qualify to unlock them by winning specific races. The main skills tested in the game are the player’s ability to drive at high speeds and keep ahead of other drivers to win races, on uneven and confusing tracks often under a lot of pressure. This requires a great deal of practice since there are myriad challenges including police officers who arrest and reverse gains made by players by fining or impounding their cars.

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The game can be played on various platforms e.g. Mac ,windows or desktop or laptop, the player has to first install the game from a DVD (Cannot use CD as it is almost 4 gigabytes), they need a machine that has at least 1 Gb Ram and sufficient memory so as to launch and run the game smoothly (Ltucker, 2009).

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