Visions and Strategies for Change.


2. The role of ally that I have already undertaken at the moment is that of a friend to those in need. I do not choose the people whom I will help in my community. My home is open to any of my neighbors who need a helping hand. By being there for them in their time of need, I create an ally for myself who in turn, is there for me when I need their help. Although there are times when I am called two faced by others because I choose to create alliances with as many people as possible, I do not mind. Their accusations are unfounded because I do not choose whom I will help. I just help. After all, nothing is lost on my part when I reach out and extend a helping hand to others. Even to those who dislike me. It is all about doing the right thing and not about the image that I wish to project in the community. It is not necessary for me to be liked by a specific group of people alone. I find that it is more important for me to be liked overall by as many people as possible in the community. Though there are those who will continue to dislike me because I treat everyone the same way, when I need an ally, I know that there will always be someone I can call upon to help me. Its all about supporting the community in general and paying back when called upon to do so. To me, that is the true meaning of an ally.

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3. Being an activist is not something that happens overnight. It is actually a sense of justice and equality that develops within a person over the years. This is what creates the cause that a person feels so strongly for that he or she would want to devote his or her time to promoting the cause. There are 5 steps that I see myself undertaking in the cause of my choice, which is the animal rights.

2. Sourcing my passion has allowed me to admit that I want to make a difference for my cause.

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