Visual Analysis Assessment Form of Figurative Work.


In this painting, Hockney uses a collection of watercolors to create a deep impression of the skies at night. In addition, David uses five watercolors to paint a picture of the seas and atmosphere at night. The blue colors in the foreground give a feel of cool seawater at night. Cool colors and the foreground give an illusion of calmness in the sea at night. David also manages to paint brown watercolors to describe the rocky mature of the seabed (Castillo 77). A collection of brown rocks beneath the sea gives a different texture from the calm, smooth waters of the blue sea. David Hockney manages to paint the reflection of the sun on the blue sea. A mixture of orange and yellow colors is used to create a perfect reflection of the sun on the waters.

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Visual Analysis Assessment Form of Figurative Work.
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The artist uses yellow colors towards the inside of the sun to indicate high intensities of heat. Orange reflections toward the periphery of the reflection indicate that the sun is less hot on the outside part. In this painting, there is a great aspect of tonal range. Bright colors including orange and red have been used in the sky. Orange color shows the intensity f brightness of the sun. The clouds n the sky are painted red to show that they are closely associated with the sun (Fichner-Rathus 71). The reflection of clouds in the blue sea has a brown color showing a reduction in tone. In this painting light seems to be coming from the sky. There is total darkness at the vanishing point between the sky and the sea.

There are certain striking features about this picture. What has caught my attention most is the yellow and orange reflection of the sun I the foreground. David Hockney gives an impression of a brighter sun in the sea than at the sky level. The intensity of brightness of the sun is greater at the water level than at the sea. This piece of artwork manages to create movement. David Hockney uses waves and water reflections to create movement in the picture.

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