Vulnerability assessment.

Connecticut is named after the Connecticut River which bisects it. Hartford is the capital city of this state. Hartford has a total area of 18.0 square miles in area, 0.7 square miles is covered in water while 17.3 square miles is covered with land. It is the second most populous on the Connecticut River with an estimated population of 124,775 as per the census carried out in 2001, translating to&nbsp.7,025.5 persons per square mile (Grant, 2006). The city is bordered by the following town: Windsor, South Windsor, Newington, Wethersfield, West Hartford, East Hartford and Bloomfield. Moreover, Hartford boasts of a vast array of resources, such as Wadsworth Athenaeum&nbsp.Museum of Art&nbsp.located downtown on its main street. This museum was the first of its kind in the U.S the Stone Field Sculpture& yet another of many outstanding resources in the city. The Riverfront Recapture and Park, which connects the downtown to the Connecticut River, is known for its various scenic wonders. The neighborhoods in Hartford are both diverse and historic, with the central business district housing a wide range of museums. Hartford city has a well established transportation system, ranging from air, road and railway transportation. The city is home to three significant airports with an estimated average departure of 100. Buses run through the city at regular intervals, Hartfords Union Station serves many residents through railway transportation. The city’s economy is significantly boosted by its various insurance companies.

Hartford experiences humid continental climate which increase the likelihood of hurricane occurrence significantly. The city residents and authorities are always on high alert of hurricanes, especially during the hurricane season.

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Vulnerability assessment.
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