War and Peace international relations since 1914.

It was done so on 23rd July. The last part of July saw attack of Austria over Serbia. 28th July marked the day when Austria unleashed on Serbia. 31st July marked Germany’s attack on Russia on Eastern front. 3rd August marked attack of Germany on France. 4th August marked attack of Great Britain on Germany. Between 15th to 18th August, three major events took place. Russia took over parts of Prussia, and U.S.A reaffirmed its neutrality (Tuchman).

The issues that came forth around the second and later stage of W.W.2 were pertinent to the post war settlements, say and influence and sharing of the spoils of war. Great Britain and U.S.A had soft corner for one another, Russia on other hand wanted maximum shares. It claimed those shares on account of the sacrifices and number of troops and other civilian casualties suffered by Russia. The case of Poland was another area of interest between these two. Russia wanted major say and influence in the affairs of European countries that had been unseated, while United States of America wanted to break the shackles and come out of the old custom of isolation. Great Britain on other side wanted to maintain its influence and presence through economic strengthening and importance of seas. The case of Germany and the influence maintaining was another area of conflict that came up in the later part of the Second World War (Keylor, 85). Iron Curtain was an important speech that is still remembered as a hall mark of those days. The conflict gave rise to Cold war which lasted for over five decades after the end of Second World War.

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War and Peace international relations since 1914.
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The relationship between these two groups had fragmented the continent of Europe into two distinct blocs. Both were drawn by the spirit of hatred, ill will, suspicion towards one another. Each aimed at outsmarting one another through military might and counter maneuvers. The Triple Entente was driven by historic relationship and strong ties.

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