Warranty Review.


This paper explores warranty on sale of an electronic (Lenovo smartphone).

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Warranty on the selected Smartphone included in its quality description. Under this, it is stated that the Smartphone has 8GB internal memory and various applications. The application already installed includes Opera Mini browser, Face book, Mozilla Firefox among other several applications. The smartphone is also installed with video recorder and internal camera. These UCC warranty are located under Express Warranty. They have no modification and are the original manufacturer derived. This warranty generally describes the expected quality of the Lenovo Smartphone as described by the manufacture. Among other warranty described includes screen sensitivity. Being a touch screen smartphone, the customers are assured of high sensitivity to touch. The phone is also resistant to interference with water as waterproof materials cover it. It can remain in use for a long period without knocking down and has varying versatile uses. All these are located under Express Warranty (Miller 285). Therefore, they do not contain modification words and not guaranteed

Other warranty provided includes warranty on merchantibity and fitness for use for a given purpose. The warranty document states that the smartphone so provided is durable when handled with care. It is also warranty that the materials used for manufacturing the smartphone is of excellent quality. Therefore, it has no threats to users and handlers of the smartphone. These entire guarantees are located in Merchantibity Warranty. The modification under merchantability is that the manufacture do not take responsibility on quality not included in the contract. The warranty applies only when there is a complication with the stated quality (Miller 285).

Under warranty of fitness for use, its stated that use of the social media application provided have no guaranteed privacy.

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