Ways of quitting smoking.

year because of smoking related illnesses and cigarettes contain at least 43 cancer-causing chemicals in addition to the poisonous carbon monoxide that’s also inhaled. Every year approximately 46% of regular smokers attempt to quit, with only about 10% being successful in the short term1Research has shown that only 3-5% of smokers are successful using will power alone (Hughes et al, 2004)

Smokers have an extremely difficult time to quit cigarettes because of the nicotine contained in the tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man, and it acts directly on the pleasure centers of the brain by releasing dopamine which causes the individual to feel good, while also reducing anxiety, tension and appetite5.Regular use affects the brains reward system, so that when there is no nicotine, the dopamine levels will fall and withdrawal starts. The main withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking cessation are:

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These nicotine withdrawal symptoms and not will power are the main reason smokers find it so difficult to quit. Although most symptoms subside within a few days to two weeks, the most troublesome one, the Cravings sometimes can last for years, and that’s is the biggest hurdle. There are many alternatives available to help the smoker quit. The alternatives range from prescription drugs like Zyban (also an antidepressant) and Chantix which is supposed to target the nerve receptors from the effects of nicotine, to “nicotine replacement therapy” products such as gum, patches or inhalers.

Unfortunately these products have had little success in achieving permanent smoking cessation from its users. The other main reason for its lack of success lies directly in the fact that these products provide a very low dose of nicotine administered over a longer period of time ,which is totally opposite to the instant rush of nicotine a smoker feels within 7-10 seconds after inhaling a puff from a tobacco cigarette.

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