Weather, Hurricanes, & Solar Radiation.


There are hurricanes that first appear on June or July and that means they will stay a little longer than those hurricanes that appear in August (Elsner, 2009, p. 61). Generation of hurricanes begins to cool with the cooling of the water in late autumn. At this time, the weather pattern fails to favor the development of tropical development. North Atlantic seasonal cycle pronounces its peak activity during August and September where only 17 percent of activity happens beyond the three months duration of august to October (Elsner, 2009, p. 65). The examination of North Atlantic took into account the mean number of for all hurricanes in a year’s time and for total. North Atlantic experienced hurricanes every season due to the presence of the budget heat and seasonality effects.

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Weather, Hurricanes, & Solar Radiation.
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Budget heat effects influence the hurricanes to occur mostly from June through to December. During this time, there is perfect balancing of heat that earth absorbs inform of radiation. If this absorption did not occur, then the earth would have extremely high or low temperatures. The seasonal variability has many, but important parameters associated with the North Atlantic Hurricanes. One such parameter is the El Nino that is helpful in determining, through analysis, whether the season would be active. El Nino takes into account a number of atmospheric variables. El Nino has a characteristic of warm sea temperatures on the surface especially over the equatorial pacific. The temperature relates to westerly winds of up to 200-millibar on the sea. The El Nino also has a link with the Caribbean surface pressure and the western Atlantic. When El-Niño occurs, stronger Westerlies bring fourth fleeing over the hurricane producing areas of the western Atlantic as well as generating higher surface pressure. These occurrences suppress the hurricane development especially if it occurs earlier than October to November.

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