Western Pop Culture Hip Hop.


The language used by Herc was “slang” And these terms were adopted as part of the Hip- hop culture’s lexicon. This culture caught on like wild fire and so the DJs around the world were rapping to popular numbers such as “The Sugar Hill Gang”, “Kurtis Blow”, “The Breaks” and “Rapper’s Delight”. (Nile Rodgers, 2008)This sort of language and style was also used to raise community issues or problems within their neighborhood or city. They used this media to raise awareness and create a consciousness among the others so that they would show interest in solving the problem or issue. During the later part of the 1970’s, the Billboard magazine produced an article on the local phenomenon titled ‘B Beats bombarding Bronx,’ making the mention of Kool Herc as an influential figure. (Forman M. Neal M, 2004, Pg. 2)Many of the artists used the Hip- Hop language to make social statements. For example, the song “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five was an original Hip- pop song that was released by Sugar Hill Records in 1982. The song had a unique slow rhythm and beat with simple language used to bring out the suffering and frustrations experienced in the ghetto. Some of the lyrics in the song. Soon other artists like Puff Daddy, Ice Cube, Check Yo Self, Snoop Dogg, Andre Nickatina and others made use of the original song’s synthesizer riffs and other samples in their Rap songs creating social awareness on different situations among the people.

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