What do you think two essays have in common.


Neuroscience, the New Philosophy article engages readers into ascertaining that some people may be convicted of crimes that they neither did not know nor are they knowledgeable of the people who undertook them. The following study evaluates and establishes the similarities between the two articles on neuroscience and its flaws as depicted in John Reid’s interrogation practices.

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 What do you think two essays have in common.
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John Reid exposed Parker to a series of questions concerning his wife’s murder case. During the interview, Reid focused on ensuring that Parker conformed to his demands that he was indeed behind his wife’s execution. The study indicates that Parker was honest to explain how he found his wife lying dead on the bed as he went home from his workplace. According to Ramachandran, “the society abides to the Freudian theory while addressing psychiatry issues and in major cases, people base their arguments on unrealistic judgment”. Through Reid’s determination and confidence that he would eventually incriminate Parker towards his wife’s murder, the controversial article on neuroscience asserts on the societal changes and technological improvements that people use to argue upon the occurrence of something as true while reducing the use of manual judgments. The two articles indicate similarities concerning the function of the human brain, and the assumptions of the society concerning the actions of transmitters and reactors in the brain (39).

A sensory machine attached to the suspect indicated that he was giving factual answers concerning his wife’s murder. Despite the honesty, Reid revealed dissatisfaction to the answers and warned Parker that he was lying against telling the truth. According to the Neuroscience, the New Philosophy article, the human mind is vulnerable to temptations and people are capable of agreeing to certain demands whenever they are incapable of finding actual answers concerning the situations in question (34).

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