What It Means To Be An Effective Digital Citizen. .


Such an invention will be used till a better alternative is found.

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What It Means To Be An Effective Digital Citizen. .
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One of the best things that have ever been discovered by man apart from fire is electricity and the computer. The potential and use of these discoveries are wide, diverse and can never be overestimated. However, like any other invention it has the capability of harming humanity and the natural order of things. Digital is the general word to describe computers and their various applications. Digitalization has led to the discovery and boom of a number of devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, desktops, microchips and other numerous gadgets in the digital world. However, just like any other invention, the digital inventions can be used for various mean and malicious purposes.

The Term digital citizenship is used to refer to the various means that digital technology can be made available to everyone (Nine Elements, 2015). This is because making it available to everyone will enhance the efficiency in which humanity communicates information, and manipulate information. It is important to be efficient in matters of information and data since information is power.

To some of the scholars, gaining equal digital rights and pushing for the access of digital technology is good of Digital Citizenship. It is bound to be difficult to progress as a society if some part of the society is denied digital technology.

Commerce in the digital world. consumers in the digital world need to be aware that business is one of the diverse application of the digital technology. Legal and legitimate tradeoffs occur online by use of digital gadgets. However the users in the digital world need to be aware of the issues that are associated with digital commerce. At the same digital commerse, there is exchange of goods and services and money that are against the morals and virtues of some nations.

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