whistleblowing and professional responsibility.

Reading Summary of whistleblowing and professional responsibility.

Whistleblowing is related with dissent, accusation and breach of loyalty. The whistleblower is seen as an exposure of a confidential matter to the public, which might sound like the blower pointing fingers or accusing the authority.

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However, whistleblowing is in actual a statement of morality. The whistleblower believes something is wrong in the organization, and thus take it upon himself to inform the public and alert them as he believes it is morally right to stand up against the wrong doing. Whistleblowing helps protect the welfare of the public and can be seen as a sign of selflessness and moral codes. By standing up against the wrong, whistleblowers can also question their superiors for their puzzling motives.

Before a whistleblower decides to carry out the act, he should consult his loved ones as well as expert advice first and foremost. Before breaking ranks, he should test the waters by working within the system and seeking support from co-workers. Moreover, he should make the move only after he is completely sure that there is wrong going on in the department.

All in all, whistleblowing is justified only if there is a specific risk and the whistleblower believes the organization cannot do anything about it.

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