Whither the unskilled worker.


as a whole has become a knowledge based society where knowledge based workers dominate the workforce and having access to specialized knowledge and skills sets provides an additional advantage to the workers. Workers having access to such knowledge and skills not only get higher salaries but also get a well-defined path thus making their careers to grow faster.

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Whither the unskilled worker.
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In an environment where skilled workers are finding it difficult to obtain jobs and earns consistently, unskilled workers may not have the relevant skills as well as education to break into the labor force of the economy. Unskilled workers therefore are at disadvantage due to their lack of skills and expertise in any given field of work or specialty.

In such a scenario, what could be the possible place of an unskilled worker? How can an unskilled worker actually fit into the overall scenario where skilled workers are more demanded as compared to the unskilled worker? This paper will therefore discuss whither the unskilled worker.

Labor is considered as one of the important part of the free market system and is also one of the key factors of production. In order to achieve higher level of productivity and output, it is important for businesses to actually define proper labor strategies. It is critical to understand that in any general economy there are two kind of labors i.e. the skilled and the unskilled.

Skilled labor or workers are that portion of the overall workforce which has skills, technical knowledge as well as business knowledge which relevant to perform any assigned task. For examples, doctors, engineers, drivers, computer programmers are considered as skilled workers because they possess the unique set of skills which are not available to everyone. Having those set of skills therefore make them relatively at more advantage as compared to the persons who do not possess these skills. Further, skilled workers provide value and increase the productivity of the tasks they are involved in.

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