Why Racism Should Not Occur.


American people throughout the history of the nation’s slavery marks the begging of the racial prejudice and discrimination that presented the blacks and the other minority groups, especially the immigrant minorities, as inferior (Tiffany Gee & Takeuchi, 2008). Thus, due to the social status, they held during the period of American colonization as slaves, the prejudice, stereotyping and color bigotry has continued to rule the mind of many, resulting to the persistent increase in the reported cases of racial hate incidences throughout the country. On the other hand, due to the identity that such minority groups have been given as inferior throughout the history, they have also turned against the dominant groups, by discriminating and prejudicing against them as well (Kivel, 1996). However, the most disturbing thing about racism is that it does not appear to be perpetrated by individuals alone, but also the media that is a very influential tool in the society. The media has been seen to contribute to racism through biased reporting in relation to the prevalence of high crime rates in the minority groups as opposed to the dominant groups (Banton, 1988). This has resulted in unbalanced social construction, with the minority groups, most especially the African Americans being stereotyped as crime-prone than the rest of the communities. The impact of this is that such minority groups have in turn adapted crime as the tool for revenge against the marginalization. One can be forgiven for asking the question. where does racism happen? The answer to this would also be equally disturbing, because racism is all over the society, whether in the schools, on the streets, in churches and even in the high political offices such as the parliament and the Congress.

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