Women in camps.


Jewish women had to suffer from brutal torture for being female. They were kept naked, and were beaten. Their heads were shaven off. Pregnant women and those who had little children were not selected to work, and were left to die. The Nazis conducted medical experiments on them forcefully. They were given involuntary sterilizations and forced abortions. “At least 40,000 people were forcefully sterilized, with 5,500 women dying after being sterilized,” states Avraham (2014, par.2). Although Nazis had passed legislation against any sort of sexual relations with Jewish women, yet they would rape them on regular basis after abducting them from streets. They were subjected to forced labor and sexual abuse. Some of them were also sent to Nazi brothels forcefully where they were subjected to rape and sexual assault.

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Women in camps.
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Men and women were forced into Philippine concentration camps during the Philippine-American war in early 1900s. They were promised that they would be provided food and security, but they suffered from the worst genocide and torture. Women suffered from starvation and disease. “By the end of the war, it was reported that 27,927 Boers (of whom 26,251 were women and children, of which 22,074 were children under 16) had died of starvation, disease and exposure” (AngloBoerWar.com, 2014, par.4). Malaria, cholera and dysentery were the main killers. Where males were buried alive and suffocated to death using water cure torture, women were left to die of disease and malnutrition.

The Cuban Holocaust saw genocide in Cuban concentration camps in 1896-97 during the Spanish-American war. “The concentration camps contained more women, children, and the aged…they also died of malnutrition and disease,” states Perez (2006, p.197). Women sent the male members of their families to the war willingly despite knowing that they would be left without protection. The Spanish had claimed that they would look after them

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