Women in Policing.


There are several reasons: first, this job offers financial security. second, there is significant inspiration from the peer group. and acquaintanceship with police work (Price, 1996).

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Nevertheless, women police officers, face considerable discrimination. Initially, they were not permitted to undertake patrolling duties, because of their perceived physical shortcomings, Vis – a – Vis their male counterparts on the force. This was a double-edged sword employed by the chauvinistic superior police officers, who were exclusively men. Since, patrol duty was a prerequisite for promotions, women were effectively, prevented from obtaining promotions (Price, 1996).

Women police officers, have fewer opportunities to progress in their career, and obtain promotions and rewards. Their distribution throughout the force is irregular and there are specialized units, which are conspicuous for the near total absence of women. It is an indisputable fact that men dominate the police force, and that they ensure that women face several hurdles in achieving career advancement and job satisfaction.

Professional and social life necessitates a commingling of attitudinal, structural and technical changes. This is essential for engendering social change. and is all the more relevant in ushering in gender equality. The police department is no exception to this notion, and the US has brought about fundamental changes to its laws (Price, 1996). These changes have served to enhance the importance of women in policing

In addition, the US initiated moves to better the educational and employment opportunities of women and minorities, by according them privileged treatment in admissions to educational institutions, employment, award of contracts and the conferral of social benefits.

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