Women study written project.


Still, they find jobs for themselves because of the awareness brought to them by the feminist theories. They want to come out of the confinement of their houses to work at par with men. But, they have to face harassment by men, which decreases their job performance and job satisfaction. They are forced to do as the employer says or are forced to face adverse circumstances if they refuse. For example, minority women suffer from sexual harassment because they belong to minority groups. Hence, they face double jeopardy, as found by Berdahl and Moore (426) in their research. They assert that “Women experienced more sexual harassment than men, minorities experienced more ethnic harassment than Whites, and minority women experienced more harassment overall than majority men, minority men, and majority women” (Berdahl and Moore 426). Hence, sexual harassment is one of the biggest problems that women face at the workplace.

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 Women study written project.
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Domestic or spousal abuse is defined as the abuse in which one spouse makes his counterpart undergo physical or mental mistreatment so that he may demonstrate his influence and authority. Women are prone to domestic violence than men. It is hard for women to end domestic violence once it starts. Men maltreat their wives to satisfy their pride, and also act loving at times to keep the latter stay in the relationship so as to give the impression that they have improved, which does not happen. Eventually, the frustration leads to hatred and rebellion developing within the women. Domestic violence is a form of gender violence (Berdahl and Moore 260), and it leads to stark mental problems and emotional breakdowns due to which the women may plan to abandon or kill their partners. Divorce rates are also on the rise, and one of the main reasons for this is domestic violence. I

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