Women’s Rights.

This trend varies in different societies and most commonly practiced in western countries.

I would narrate the story about Mrs. Kate Williams who has three children of ages 5, 13, and 20. She is doing job as a General Manager in sales and marketing at a software house called as SOFTEC. She started job around 18 years ago as a trainee engineer in the same company. Ever since then, she never looked back and kept on climbing the stairs of success in job. The way she managed her responsibilities for her family as well as job sets the example for all women in the world.

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Women’s Rights.
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When Mrs. Kate Williams gave birth to her first child, her family was suffering from financial crisis. Her husband was doing a job as a clerk in a small firm and his income wasn’t enough to meet the expenses of the family. The brave lady started looking for jobs herself while motivating his husband also to switch to some better job. As her first child turned two, she got the job in SOFTEC with reasonable amount of salary. But the real problem with doing job was to manage time for her husband as well as her young kid who needed her love and affection desperately. She couldn’t leave her kid all alone at home while she is at job. So, parents hired a maid for taking care of the baby around the clock. Moreover, mother kept on asking about her baby off and on from the office. She could also see her baby remotely from video chat software that maid could operate easily.

The problems don’t end with initial phases only. Mrs. Kate Williams had to spend more time as she grew in experience as more responsibilities were assigned to her. With pregnancy periods for other two children, she had to continue her work at home for three months that included answering calls of customers, and designing software for them from home. She also had to give time to her school going eldest child for training him in school education.

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