xternal and Internal Environmental Analysis.

Davivienda which is renowned Colombian Bank and the bank is part of Bolivar Corporate Group, was established as mortgage and savings Corporation in the year 1972. In the next 30 years, the Columbian bank had diversified its business credit card portfolio and retail banking services (Davivienda, 2010). In 2002, the bank has established partnership with IFC in order to form Titularizadora de Colombia which is a securitization arm of the bank. In the last 10 years, Davivienda acquired financial institutions like Bansuperior, Confinanciera and Bancafé along with its subsidiaries in order to become third largest financial institution in Columbia. At present, Davivienda has more than 21.5% market share in the credit cards portfolio (Davivienda, 2010)

Davivienda has tried to implement technology up gradation such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) etc in order to speed up the process flow. However, still the bank lags behind global financial giants in order to ensure security of customer accounts.

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However, as the domestic savings in the country has decreased after economic recession hence demand for credit card has decreased slightly in Columbia in recent years. Colombian banking industry has been dominated by four major players Bogotá, Davivienda, Bbva and Bancolombia and these four players contribute more than 50% of the financial sector of the country. However, Davivienda has reached third position in terms of credit balances while the bank is ranked as no. 1 in the field of agricultural banking.

System side is showing overall picture of the banking industry in Colombia while the left hand side is depicting the business portfolio of Davivienda. According to the comparison, Davivienda focuses more on consumer loans in comparison to competitors and that is the reason why Davivienda is ranked second in terms of consumer loan segment in the country.

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