Young people do too much cell phone texting these days.

the age bracket of between 18-29 years send or receive and average of 88 text messages every day compared to an average of 17 phone calls (Kluger Par 2). The rates of texting and volume, reduce with the advancement in age. However, even among the older sections of the population, though the volume of texting is reduced, there is a higher tendency of people texting as opposed to making calls. The high volume of texting among the youth is a function of a relatively big circle of friends in this age. In many cases, there are problems associated with the biggest volume of texting.

Texting affects the ability of the youth, particularly high school and college students, to participate in class (Kluger Par 4). For example, a common feature in the present day classrooms is constant texting. Students are able to avoid the detection of the instructor because mobile phones have silent and vibration profiles that make it impossible for any other person but the owner to know when a message is received. The effects of texting is reduced in the attention span and the use of phones by the youth to escape the ‘boredom’ of the classroom. Therefore, the excessive texting among the youth is a problem because it inhibits the ability of young people to concentrate in class.

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Young people do too much cell phone texting these days.
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Texting also affects social interaction skills among the youth. The excessive nature of texting and the ability to connect to strangers, ease of use and anonymity make texting easier and more convenient than personal communication (Villines Par 6). In addition, there are platforms where social media statuses are updated via texting. The effects of all these virtual communication platforms are a reducing value on conventional communication platforms. Therefore, there is a tendency for young people to develop poor communication skills as a function of their reliance on texting and other modes of virtual communication.

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