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ashworth college GE350 Online Exam 1 latest 2016 april.1em;”>Part 1 of 1 – 95.0/ 100.0 PointsQuestion 1 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsA map with a scale of 1:500,000 would represent which type of map?A. Small scale mapB. Large scale mapC. Medium scale mapD. Spatial scale mapQuestion 2 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe prime meridian passes through:A. Paris, France.B. New York City.C. Greenwich, England.D. the Indian Ocean.Question 3 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsTransform faults are typically found in regions where tectonic plate boundaries are moving parallel to one another, and are the site of frequent earthquakes. A good example of such a location is:A. the San Andreas Fault.B. Iceland.C. the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.D. the Andes Mountains.Question 4 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe energy that allows tectonic plates to interact on the earth’s surface is supplied by:A. the sun.B. the molten interior.C. greenhouse gases.D. ocean currents.Question 5 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsHurricanes and cyclones originate:A. in the tropics.B. in temperate latitudes.C. near the poles.D. in the center of large land masses.Question 6 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe pampas region of Argentina would be an example of which of the following biomes?A. Desert biomeB. Forest biomeC. Polar biomeD. Grassland biomeQuestion 7 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement designed to address the issue of:A. the spread of AIDS.B. global poverty and underdevelopment.C. the emission of greenhouse gases.D. the militarization of space.Question 8 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsLanguage is frequently a key component of identity for many people. The Quebecois, an ethnic group in Quebec, speak what language that differentiates them from most other Canadians?A. FrenchB. GermanC. SpanishD. ItalianQuestion 9 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsA cultural hearth is a region from which technologies, ideologies, and material goods diffused over time to surrounding regions. An example of a cultural hearth is:A. central South America.B. Mesopotamia.C. Australia.D. Easter Island.Question 10 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe infant mortality rate for a country is defined as the:A. percentage of infants who perish at birth.B. number of female infants killed, due to preference for males.C. number of abortions, stillbirths, and accidental deaths in a given year.D. number of infant deaths per 1000 live births during the first year of life.Question 11 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsWhen a country has a single city that has several times the population of any other city, it is called the/a:A. megalopolis.B. primate city.C. capital city.D. growth pole.Question 12 of 205.0/ 5.0 Points__________ is the study of population structure and change.A. GNIB. EconomicsC. DemographyD. GeographyQuestion 13 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsAn example of a nongovernmental organization (NGO) is:A. the U.S. Department of State.B. Exxon Mobile Petroleum Corporation.C. Greenpeace.D. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).Question 14 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsAmong the following organizations devoted to fostering trade, the one with the largest number of member states is:A. ASEAN.B. EU.C. NAFTA.D. APEC.Question 15 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe modern materially wealthy countries achieved their prominence from the __________ sector of production in manufacturing and construction.A. tertiaryB. primaryC. secondaryD. quaternaryQuestion 16 of 200.0/ 5.0 Points__________ corporations make goods or provide services for profit in several countries but direct operations from a headquarters in one country.A. MultinationalB. Off-shoringC. InternationalD. Free-marketQuestion 17 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe second most productive economy in the world, as measured in total output by value, is the economy of:A. Germany.B. Japan.C. Canada.D. China.Question 18 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsIn many of the materially poor countries today, few jobs in the __________ pay taxable salaries.A. formal economyB. service sectorC. core countriesD. peripheral communitiesQuestion 19 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe Grameen Bank, a highly successful microcredit institution, was founded in:A. Germany.B. Brazil.C. Bangladesh.D. Japan.Question 20 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe concept of __________ rights emerged in the late 1700s, in part from revolutions in Europe and the United States.A. socialB. humanC. culturalD. politicalashworth college GE350 Online Exam 2 latest 2016 april.784px;”=””>Part 1 of 1 – 80.0/ 100.0 PointsQuestion 1 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsFlemish, one of the two official languages of Belgium, belongs to which of Europe’s major language families?A. GermanicB. RomanceC. SlavicD. CelticQuestion 2 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe country with the largest economy in Europe, sometimes referred to as the “motor” of Europe, is:A. France.B. Spain.C. the United Kingdom.D. Germany.Question 3 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe European country that is a major exporter of crude oil to world markets is:A. Norway.B. Switzerland.C. France.D. the Czech Republic.Question 4 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsIn Europe, the majority of the workforce is employed in the __________ sector.A. agriculturalB. heavy industrialC. serviceD. primaryQuestion 5 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsTourism is Europe’s most important industry. The leading country, based on total number of tourist arrivals, is:A. the United Kingdom.B. Switzerland.C. Germany.D. France.Question 6 of 200.0/ 5.0 PointsThe territory of the former country of East Germany was occupied by the army of which country, at the conclusion of WWII?A. FranceB. The United StatesC. The Soviet UnionD. GreeceQuestion 7 of 200.0/ 5.0 PointsWhich of the following statements most accurately characterizes Northern Europe?A. Most countries in the region have GDP per capita figures lower than the European average.B. Unlike the remainder of western Europe, this region has very little industry, and is entirely dependent on fishing and agriculture to support economic growth.C. Many of these countries have been reluctant historically to join international organizations, due to long traditions of neutrality.D. The population in all the countries of the region, except for Sweden, have relatively low levels of education.Question 8 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) was designed to:A. reduce levels of pollution in the Mediterranean Sea.B. increase economic cooperation among the countries in Mediterranean Europe.C. reduce illegal immigration to countries in the Mediterranean basin.D. attract tourism by greatly increasing the number of beach resorts in the region.Question 9 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsTwo European countries rejected the invitation to join the EU in 1995. One of these countries is:A. Switzerland.B. Germany.C. Belgium.D. Finland.Question 10 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsIn the 1960s and 1970s, a major source of immigrant labor for Germany, the so-called gastarbeiter, was the country of:A. India.B. Turkey.C. South Africa.D. China.Question 11 of 200.0/ 5.0 PointsThe Ob River flows through what region?A. Central AsiaB. SiberiaC. MoldovaD. UkraineQuestion 12 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsWhich of the following best describes the physical region known as the taiga?A. Subtropical vegetation, with poor soilsB. A zone of extensive desert and scrub vegetationC. A vast grassland, containing extremely fertile soilsD. A zone of coniferous forestQuestion 13 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsChernozem soils are associated with which of the following vegetation zones?A. SteppeB. TaigaC. TundraD. DesertQuestion 14 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe greatest temperature ranges in the region, due to the effect of continentality, are experienced in:A. Estonia.B. Siberia.C. Armenia.D. the Volga Basin.Question 15 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe yurt is a national symbol for which of the following groups?A. KyrgyzB. RussiansC. GeorgiansD. ChukchiQuestion 16 of 200.0/ 5.0 PointsRegarding the population geography of Russia and Neighboring Countries:A. Slavic countries show the highest rates of growth.B. all states of the former USSR are losing population, and Russia and Ukraine are losing the fastest.C. fertility rates are higher in the Central Asian states, and death rates are declining there as well.D. None of the aboveQuestion 17 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe first Russian leader to use the title “czar”
was:A. Ivan the III.B. Catherine the Great.C. Mikhail Romanov.D. Boris Yeltsin.Question 18 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsOf the following countries, the one that is culturally closest to the Romanians is:A. Azerbaijan.B. Moldova.C. Latvia.D. Russia.Question 19 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsTwo former SSRs (now independent countries) have recently been at war over the disputed territory of Nagorno Karabakh. These countries are:A. Russia and Georgia.B. Azerbaijan and Armenia.C. Armenia and Georgia.D. Georgia and Moldova.Question 20 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe Aral Sea is vanishing because:A. too much water was taken out of it for irrigation.B. wells in the region caused the water table to fall, and made the Aral shrink.C. the acreage devoted to cotton increased, meaning more fresh water was taken for irrigation from the rivers feeding the Aral.D. All the aboveashworth college GE350 Online Exam 4 latest 2016 april.784px;”=””>Part 1 of 1 – 90.0/ 100.0 PointsQuestion 1 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsAlthough located in southeast Asia, most people in the country of __________ are Roman Catholic.A. ThailandB. PhilippinesC. MalaysiaD. BruneiQuestion 2 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsOf the mainland countries of southeast Asia, the country with the highest per capita income is:A. Vietnam.B. Cambodia.C. Laos.D. Thailand.Question 3 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsSeeking to diversify its agricultural sector, __________ has in recent years become a major exporter of robusta coffee to the global market, rivaling Brazil’s production.A. VietnamB. AustraliaC. MyanmarD. CambodiaQuestion 4 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe country with the largest population in Southeast Asia, Australia, and Oceania region is:A. Australia.B. Indonesia.C. Philippines.D. East Timor.Question 5 of 205.0/ 5.0 Points__________ has a history of tin mining, dominating world production for many years.A. BorneoB. MalaysiaC. IndonesiaD. CambodiaQuestion 6 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe only member of OPEC in southeast Asia is:A. Singapore.B. New Zealand.C. Indonesia.D. Laos.Question 7 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsWhich of the following organizations was originally established to stop the spread of communism in southeast Asia?A. APECB. OPECC. ASEAND. AWACSQuestion 8 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsTsunamis, such as that which struck southeast Asia in 2004, are usually caused by:A. global warming.B. undersea earthquakes.C. typhoons (hurricanes).D. flooding of local rivers.Question 9 of 205.0/ 5.0 Points__________ is Australia’s one significant mountain chain running just inland along the continent’s east coast.A. The Transantarctic MountainsB. The Great Dividing RangeC. GondwanalandD. The Great Barrier MountainsQuestion 10 of 200.0/ 5.0 Points__________ was once joined to Africa, Antarctica, South America and the peninsula of India.A. SingaporeB. AustraliaC. MyanmarD. New ZealandQuestion 11 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe Great Dividing Range of __________ contains a wealth of mineral resources.A. AustraliaB. Papua New GuineaC. New ZealandD. MalaysiaQuestion 12 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe Maori are an indigenous group found in:A. Brunei.B. New Caledonia.C. Vietnam.D. New Zealand.Question 13 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe Tropic of Capricorn crosses which country?A. ThailandB. AustraliaC. East TimorD. IndonesiaQuestion 14 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsOceania’s __________ industry is one of the few economic vehicles people of the subregion have to increase their incomes.A. farmingB. tourismC. miningD. fishingQuestion 15 of 200.0/ 5.0 Points__________ now sells more goods to Japan than to Australia, the United States and the U.K. combined.A. ChinaB. New ZealandC. MalaysiaD. OceanaQuestion 16 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsMost of the South Pacific islands gained their independence in the:A. 1950s.B. 1960s.C. 1970s.D. 1980s.Question 17 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe dried white meat that lines the inside of the coconut shell and provides and oil used in soaps and candles is called:A. copra.B. nauru.C. caledonia.D. papua.Question 18 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsNauru was once one of the world’s most prosperous countries, and had one of the highest per capita incomes among countries in the 1980s. This wealth was due to the deposits of what mineral found there?A. GoldB. PhosphateC. AntimonyD. PetroleumQuestion 19 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsIn 1991, the __________ banned commercial mining activities and introduced protection regulations in Antarctica.A. Antarctic TreatyB. Afforestation PolicyC. Wilkes Land AgreementD. Wellington AgreementQuestion 20 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsWhich of the following countries does NOT claim to “own” a portion of Antarctica?A. AustraliaB. ChileC. NorwayD. The United Statesashworth college GE350 Online Exam 5 latest 2016 april.784px;”=””>Part 1 of 1 – 95.0/ 100.0 PointsQuestion 1 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsBuddhists make up the majority of religious believers in:A. India.B. Sri Lanka.C. Pakistan.D. Nepal.Question 2 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsBecause of the high levels of rainfall found there, rice and jute production are concentrated in which portion of South Asia?A. Central AfghanistanB. Bhutan and NepalC. Eastern India and BangladeshD. Southern PakistanQuestion 3 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe major factor influencing whether India will produce an agricultural surplus, or suffer a deficit, is the:A. availability of commercial fertilizer.B. resistance of “Green Revolution” hybrids to insect pests.C. amount of agricultural subsidies granted by the government.D. timing and duration of the monsoon cycle.Question 4 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe Chota Nagpur Plateau in northwestern India is the country’s center for __________ production.A. iron and steelB. cottonC. wheatD. electronics and computerQuestion 5 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsFollowing policy changes in the 1990s, Bangladesh doubled its exports of:A. garments.B. automobiles.C. computers.D. rice.Question 6 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsMaoist rebels disrupted the political stability of __________ for several decades, until a ceasefire agreement was concluded in 2006.A. BangladeshB. NepalC. Sri LankaD. PakistanQuestion 7 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe largest component of the economy of the Maldives is the __________ sector.A. rice growingB. electronicsC. phosphate miningD. tourismQuestion 8 of 200.0/ 5.0 PointsThe largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka is the:A. Sinhalese.B. Gujaratis.C. Tamils.D. Kashmiris.Question 9 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsPakistan’s largest city, and major port servicing the country, is:A. Islamabad.B. Karachi.C. Rawalpindi.D. Dhaka.Question 10 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe center of “Bollywood,” India’s thriving movie industry, is the city of:A. Mumbai.B. Kolkata.C. Chennai.D. Bengalaru.Question 11 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe south Asian city that has become a global hub for information technology, electronic goods, and software development is:A. Bengaluru.B. Peshawar.C. Kabul.D. Lahore.Question 12 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsA plan to dredge the Sethusamudram Ship Canal has generated tensions between:A. India and Pakistan.B. Bangladesh and India.C. India and Sri Lanka.D. Pakistan and the Maldives.Question 13 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe majority of Muslims belong to the sect known as the:A. Sunni.B. Shiites.C. Kurds.D. Alawis.Question 14 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe Aswan High Dam was built as a result of the Nile Waters Agreement, concluded between:A. Egypt and Sudan.B. Algeria and Tunisia.C. Turkey and Syria.D. Egypt and Israel.Question 15 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe mountainous region running through northern Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia is the:A. Maghreb.B. Rub al Khali.C. Negev.D. Sudd.Question 16 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe only country in Arab southwest Asia named after a family is:A. Iraq.B. Saudi Arabia.C. Lebanon.D. Syria.Question 17 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe Gulf Cooperation Council is dominated by:A. Iraq.B. Saudi Arabia.C. Kuwait.D. Iran.Question 18 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsMesopotamia, the “cradle of civilization,” is located in:A. Egypt.B. Iran.C. Iraq.D. Syria.Question 19 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsForeign workers comprise eighty percent of the labor force in:A. Iran.B. Turkey.C. Sudan.D. Kuwait.Question 20 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsIf quite unlucky, one might encounter a janjaweed while visiting southern:A. Sudan.B. Turkey.C. Oman.D. Israel.ashworth college GE350 Online Exam 7 latest 2016 april.784px;”=””>Part 1 of 1 – 85.0/ 100.0 Point
sQuestion 1 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsA country that pursues a policy of import substitution:A. buys manufactured goods from several suppliers, increasing competition.B. replaces some imported goods with others of higher quality.C. attempts to develop domestic industries instead of importing goods.D. abandons investment in industry in favor of the service sector.Question 2 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsHigh-altitude plateau lands between the eastern and western Sierra Madres dominate northern:A. Mexico.B. Peru.C. Nicaragua.D. Columbia.Question 3 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThere are __________ active volcanoes between northern Mexico and Columbia that periodically spew lava and ash on surrounding areas.A. 15B. 25C. 10D. 22Question 4 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsNorthern __________ experiences an equatorial climate in which the temperatures hover in the low 80s Fahrenheit, humidity is high and rain falls in all seasons.A. ArgentinaB. BrazilC. PeruD. ColumbiaQuestion 5 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe region known as Patagonia is located mostly in which South American country?A. ColombiaB. ChileC. ArgentinaD. EcuadorQuestion 6 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe tierra caliente is an altitudinal zone lying from:A. 0 to 1000 meters.B. 1000 to 2000 meters.C. 2000 to 3000 meters.D. 3000 meters and higher.Question 7 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsAir quality in large urban areas can decline during the winter months due to:A. a temperature inversion.B. altitudinal zonation.C. El Ni-o.D. dissipation of ozone.Question 8 of 200.0/ 5.0 PointsThe European power that brought more African slaves to the new world than any other was:A. Great Britain.B. France.C. Spain.D. Portugal.Question 9 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsIn the late 1800s retain established a relationship of economic dependence, also called __________, with several Latin American countries that lasted until the early 1900s.A. neocolonialismB. encomiendaC. protectionismD. export-led dependenceQuestion 10 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe Galápagos Islands, a unique ecosystem attracting large numbers of tourists, are part of:A. Peru.B. Ecuador.C. Chile.D. Panama.Question 11 of 205.0/ 5.0 Points__________ is the world’s largest producer of Cocaine.A. ArgentinaB. ColombiaC. PeruD. BoliviaQuestion 12 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsEjidos were part of the land tenure reform system in:A. Brazil.B. Argentina.C. Mexico.D. Panama.Question 13 of 205.0/ 5.0 Points__________, with 4.5 million people in 2008, is the only country in Central America that has had a long-term democratic government.A. El SalvadorB. HondurasC. PanamaD. Costa RicaQuestion 14 of 200.0/ 5.0 PointsThe country with the smallest population in Central America is:A. Mexico.B. Belize.C. Nicaragua.D. El Salvador.Question 15 of 205.0/ 5.0 Points__________ is not an independent country, nor is it a state within the U.S. political system.A. Puerto RicoB. JamaicaC. HaitiD. Dominican RepublicQuestion 16 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsUnites States’ corporate ownership of the sugar industry dominated __________ economic geography in the early 1900s.A. CubanB. VenezuelanC. ChileanD. JamaicanQuestion 17 of 205.0/ 5.0 Points__________ is the largest country in both area and population in all of Latin America.A. ColumbiaB. ArgentinaC. BrazilD. BoliviaQuestion 18 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsPetrobras is:A. Brazil’s state-owned petroleum company.B. a cartel between Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia.C. the national hero of Paraguay, who fought for independence.D. the leading political party in Mexico.Question 19 of 200.0/ 5.0 PointsIn the 1900s __________ economy was very robust and the citizens of the country enjoyed a relatively prosperous standard of living. Unfortunately, a series of both local and global actions combined to devastate the economy by the end of 2001.A. Columbia’sB. Argentina’sC. Brazil’sD. Bolivia’sQuestion 20 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe largest urban agglomeration in Middle America is:A. Manaus, Brazil.B. Mexico City, Mexico.C. Cali, Colombia.D. Monterrey, Mexico.ashworth college GE350 Online Exam 8 latest 2016 april.784px;”=””>Part 1 of 1 – 80.0/ 100.0 PointsQuestion 1 of 200.0/ 5.0 PointsThe United States is the world’s __________ largest country in terms of population.A. fourthB. thirdC. secondD. fifthQuestion 2 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe western third of Canada and the United States is primarily comprised of:A. plains.B. mountains.C. lowlands.D. forests.Question 3 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsFertile soil laid down at the conclusion of the Pleistocene Ice Age by wind is called:A. alluvium.B. loess.C. laterite.D. podzol.Question 4 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe Great Lakes were formed by:A. continental glaciers.B. earthquakes.C. erosion by rivers.D. underground hot springs.Question 5 of 200.0/ 5.0 PointsThe highest population densities in Canada are found in:A. Nunavut.B. eastern Newfoundland.C. the west coast.D. southern Canada.Question 6 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe two countries that provided the largest number of immigrants to the United States between 1820 and 1860 were:A. Ireland and Germany.B. Poland and Romania.C. Italy and Greece.D. Brazil and Argentina.Question 7 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsCanada’s most populous city is:A. Montreal.B. Calgary.C. Toronto.D. Vancouver.Question 8 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe first Americans probably migrated from __________ to present-day Alaska over 20,000 years ago.A. CanadaB. SiberiaC. PolandD. GreenlandQuestion 9 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsAmericans achieved __________ by building larger factories for increased output.A. vertical integrationB. economies of scaleC. FordismD. horizontal integrationQuestion 10 of 205.0/ 5.0 Points__________ maintains the largest total GNI of any country in the world.A. The United StatesB. SwitzerlandC. JapanD. ChinaQuestion 11 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsUntil 1950, __________ was the primary engine fueling the expansion of the U.S. economy.A. transportationB. manufacturingC. energy productionD. agricultureQuestion 12 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe largest sector of the U.S. economy is the __________ sector.A. industrialB. serviceC. agriculturalD. transportationQuestion 13 of 205.0/ 5.0 Points__________ is the movement of higher-income residents and business owners into materially poor areas of inner cities, leading to economic and physical improvement.A. UrbanizationB. Uneven developmentC. GentrificationD. Urban revivalQuestion 14 of 205.0/ 5.0 Points”Megalopolis” is an enormous urban concentration running between:A. Boston and Washington, D.C.B. Toronto and Montreal.C. San Diego and San Francisco.D. Chicago and Philadelphia.Question 15 of 200.0/ 5.0 Points__________ has the highest proportion of Hispanic Americans in the country.A. TexasB. New MexicoC. ArizonaD. Southern CaliforniaQuestion 16 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsIn __________ Alaska and Hawaii were added to the United States.A. 1867B. 1942C. 1959D. 1963Question 17 of 205.0/ 5.0 Points__________ produces 25 percent of Canada’s manufacturing output.A. British ColumbiaB. ManitobaC. QuebecD. OntarioQuestion 18 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsIn 1999, the local self-governing indigenous region called __________ was formed in Canada.A. NunavutB. Northwest TerritoriesC. ErewhonD. UgavaQuestion 19 of 205.0/ 5.0 PointsThe African American population in the U.S. is regionally concentrated in the:A. upper Midwest.B. southeastern U.S.C. Pacific Northwest.D. central Plains states.Question 20 of 200.0/ 5.0 PointsCritics of NAFTA argue that:A. the agreement does not protect the environment adequately.B. Mexico is losing thousands of jobs to the United States.C. industrial development has shifted to Mexico and away from the U.S.D. the agreement has weakened the role of corporations in economic decisions.

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