Fiscal Policy

Fiscal Policy: Government Expenditures and Revenues, Budget, National Debt SLP. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Consequently, Jollibee Foods Corporation proposes that federal authorities should institute measures to lower import tax. Reduction in this taxation would have a sizeable impact on this entity since it imports a considerable proportion of its supplies. The recession has further increased the cost of the entity since it has to spend additional funds due to the diminishing value of the US dollar.

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Fiscal Policy
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Reduction in import tax will provide relief to an entity reeling from devaluation of the currency. Additionally, the federal authorities should attempt to address the worth of the currency. Increase in the dollar’s worth will reduce Jollibee Foods Corporation’s expense incurred during importation of suppliers. This is a vital aspect of this organization, which largely prepares Philippine cuisine (Shalal-Esa, 2009). Despite the above proposals, Jollibee Foods Corporation seeks enactment of prudent economic measures, which will not only suit certain entities but also the economy in its entirety. However, it will require the federal authorities to appraise all proposed policies by lobbyist seeking to represent interests of differing entities.

Currently, lobbying has a significant impact on the national economic policies. Notably, lobbying has both cons and undoing. Therefore, it is critical to evaluate the extent that lobbyist can manipulate both fiscal and monetary measures. First, it is vital to identify what motivate lobbyist to seek alteration of the above policies. Lobbyists stand for certain organizations. However, these organizations are predominantly extensive entities with multi-billion investments in the economy (Shalal-Esa, 2009). Consequently, the organization will seek to have some impact on such policies that may have sizeable implications on their fortunes and future prospect. Conversely, enactment of federal policies is in the faith of benefiting the entire citizenry,

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