Free revision policy

Free revision policy
Free revision policy

Free revision policy: We offer free revisions on all our orders at Essay Fountain if a client is not fully satisfied with what is delivered to them. Customer satisfaction is our top-most priority as we always try our best to provide our customers with top-grade academic help. To ensure full satisfaction we will revise your paper free of charge until you are fully satisfied. For you to get a free revision, your order must meet the following criteria:

  • Your instructions must be consistent. To get a free revision you must ensure that revision instructions are consistent with your initial instructions. The instructions must be similar and thus you cannot alter your assignment instructions.
  • You must request for a revision in a proper way. All revision requests must be submitted by pressing on the special revision request button that is found on your personal order page. You should never send a revision request via email or phone as there are high chances it won’t go through.
  • The revision request must be sent within 14 days. Once you have approved your order, you only have 14 days to request for a free revision. But as long as you have not approved your paper and it has not been approved automatically by the system, you can request for a free revision at any time. 
In a case where your order needs large enhancements due to a change in instructions or you need the paper written from scratch

In a case where your order needs large enhancements due to a change in instructions or you need the paper written from scratch, you will be requested to pay an extra fee. This fee is different for each order as it depends on the amount of work that is required to complete the revision. You should contact our support team to get an estimate of the fee. This also applies when you miss the 14 days deadline after approving your order.

The 14 days deadline does not apply for large orders such as thesis and dissertation. These orders are subject to the Progressive Delivery Feature and thus they are normally delivered in parts as the writer completes each part. For these orders, a revision request should be sent within 21 days after the initial approval.

When requesting for a free revision, you can request for your paper to be revised by a different writer. In this case, we might require more time to find a writer who is qualified in your field and is available and willing to work on your order. In some cases, you will have to extend the deadline with up to 12 hours. This will give us enough time to get the most qualified writer to work on your revision. At times we will extend your revision deadline if the time deadline you paid for allows such an extension to honor our writer’s request to have more time to work on your order.

Feel free to contact us for any academic help you need and be sure to have all your academic needs met. We will take care of all your academic difficulties giving you a smooth academic life with our quality essay writing services.

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