Privacy policy

Privacy policy
Privacy policy

Privacy policy:At Essay Fountain, your privacy is of vital importance. To ensure maximum privacy, we have developed some fundamental principles:

  • Through the operations of our service, we are very considerate of the personal data we request from you and the personal information we collect about you.
  • We only store your personal information as long as we need it or as required by the law.
  • We always try our best to make it possible for you to control the type of personal data that can be shared with the public and what should be kept private. This refers to the information that should be deleted permanently and what should be indexed by search engines.
  • Our aim is to always be clear when it comes to the way we collect, process and share your personal information.

Below is our Privacy Policy which incorporates and clarifies these principles.

Who are we and what does this privacy policy covers?

The website Essay Fountain is under the control of the company Mutt Street Limited.

The website Essay Fountain is under the control of the company Mutt Street Limited. Our privacy policy applies to the information we collect about you when you use:

  • Our website- Essay Fountain
  • Any of our mobile applications
  • Any other product and services that are available on or through our website such as plagiarism detecting software.

I this Privacy Policy, we refer to our website, mobile applications and any products and services collectively as “service”

We are very committed to protecting customers’ privacy and respect. This Privacy Policy guides us on how we collect, store and use your personal data. Any information that can be used to refer to you directly or indirectly as a natural person is known as Personal Data and is strictly protected by us. The following are ways in which we collect, use and share your data and the choices you have regarding this information.

For any question regarding our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact our support team through email, live chat or call.

Privacy policy: How can we receive your information?

We can receive your personal information from you or from third parties and partners whom you have given the consent to share the information with us through contracts

We can receive your personal information from you or from third parties and partners whom you have given the consent to share the information with us through contracts or other legal arrangements you may have with us or with them on behalf of us. This information is held to facilitate the delivery of a contractual or legal obligation. This permission can be collected directly by us or you can give consent to the third parties allowing them to share the information with us.

Which information do we collect about you?

By visiting our website or member communities, there is information that we might collect about you automatically. This information includes

  • Technical information
  • IP addresses
  • Details on the type of device you use to connect to our website
  • Your interaction with our website

The following are types of personal data we collect from you and how this data is processed.

Personal information types Reasons why we collect this information
User’s country This data is collected for user verification   To prevent fraudulent use and resale of user’s accounts. For tax implications For VAT purposes.
User’s email It is the main contact of communication with our clients to provide them with marketing and promotional materials.
User’s name and surname Verification of the user for invoicing For billing and taxation To prevent fraudulent use and resale of the user’s account
Phone number Verification of the user Contact of immediate communication with the user For customer support
City/State/ZIP/ Code/address Billing information for invoices

Why do we collect your personal data?

The following are the reasons why we collect personal data

The following are the reasons why we collect personal data

  • To facilitate the provision of services ordered by a client through our website
  • To pass certain information regarding a product or service that a client had shown interest in purchasing.
  • To give more information to a client regarding products or services they have ordered with us or about other related products and services.
  • To facilitate the provision of a service to you under a contract.
  • For legal reasons such as being in a contract with us.
  • To pass information to you about our products and services after you have agreed to receive the information.

On what grounds do we collect information from you?

  • When you have allowed us to collect the information for a specific purpose such as the provision of services or newsletter.
  • When we have a legal reason to collect information such as a requirement by the law or under a contract.

What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data?

Your personal data may be processed for the following reasons:

  • When we enter into a contract with you
  • When you have given us permission
  • To provide services that you have ordered
  • When you request us to collect your data.
  • To abide by the law

These are the reasons why we might process your personal data.

Ways you may share your personal information

The following are some of the ways in which you can share your personal information with us with your consent.

  • By sending us an email or filling a form
  • Through creating and posting an order on our website.
  • Giving feedbacks and reviews on our website
  • Contacting us with your phone number

The information you share with us can be personal, educational, financial or information relating to your order. You can share your personal information with us for a regal reason such as entering into a contract with us when purchasing goods and services from us.

What information can we receive from other sources?

We may collect your personal information when you use other websites that we operate when you request or use other services available on our website or from our partners whom we have given the consent to collect such information on our behalf.

Information can also be received from third parties such as sub-contractors, business partners, credit reference agencies, advertising networks, background checking agencies, and analytics providers. We can receive your data from them for any legal purposes or as part of the service we deliver to you.

Files. In some cases, we will download and store the files you share on our website. Only share with us the files you are permitted to use. Avoid sharing files that contain your personal information or that of a third party without their permission. This is because such information might not be secure.

Who can we share your personal information with?

Your personal information can be shared with third parties with your own consent or for other legal reasons. We may share your personal information with:

  • Our marketing staff to enable them to share promotional materials with you after your registration on our website.
  • Our group companies. This refers to our subsidiaries or our ultimate holding company and its subsidiaries. This is as defined in section 1159 of the UK Companies Act 2006;
  • Subcontractors and third parties to facilitate the performance of a contract that we have with them or with you.
  • With third parties whom you have given us the permission to share the information with them.
  • With third parties who provide goods or services to our company because you have purchased a certain product from us.

What are the other reasons why we might share your personal information with a third party?

In case at one point all the assets of Mutt Street Limited (our company) are acquired by a third party, our customers’ personal data is one of the assets that will be transferred back to our company.

The following are other reasons why we might share your personal data with a third party.

  • To comply with a legal obligation.
  • If a government agency legally requests for the information.
  • If the information is required in order to implement the terms of use or other agreements on our website.
  • If the information is required so as to protect the property, safety, and rights of our company, customers and any other party.
  • To protect our company from fraud and to reduce our credit risk by sharing the information with third parties.

Aggregated or anonymized data

At times we will share with third parties data that has been aggregated or anonymized. This refers to data that has been compiled into data summaries and is usually used for public reporting and statistics. In this case, your personal data that can be used to identify you is removed. This type of data is statistical data and not personal though you still have the right to object the use of your data.

Where is your personal data stored and processed?

The highest percentage of our data is stored and processed in the EU/European Economic Area or the USA (“EEA”). By accepting our privacy policy you give us permission to process and store your data in any other state where we have servers and storage even if it is outside the EEA. Wherever your personal data is stored, you are assured of high security as the data is encrypted and no unauthorized person is able to access this data.

The following are the main reasons why your personal data might be processed outside the EEA.

  • To fulfill or complete your order.
  • To process your payment
  • To get technical support services

What happens if we cannot process your personal data within the EEA

  • We will ensure that we comply with data protection principles
  • We will try our best to select a company that is in EU Commissions’ countries as these countries can provide adequate protection to your rights and freedom.
  • We will use reasonable endeavors for any transfers to the United States of America to ensure they participate in the Privacy Shield program.
  • For any other case, we will ensure the state has adequate data protection laws.

Access to your personal data via password

It is your responsibility to protect any password you might have. These passwords allow access to certain parts of our website from any authorized persons. You should never share such passwords with anyone. You will get a password when registering or creating an account on our website. we can give you the password or request you to create one and you have the right to change the password any time if you believe it has been accessed by a third party.

Transmission and storage of your personal data

Unfortunately, the transmission of data via the internet is not 100% secure. Although we do not guarantee 100% security in transmission and storage of data via the internet, we try our best to ensure all data is encrypted to the standard required in the GDPR to ensure maximum data protection.

How long will your data be kept by our company?

Your personal data will only be kept as long as it is required as below:

  • For as long as the law requires us to keep the data
  • As long as we have a valid reason to keep it
  • Until you request us to stop using your data or delete it.

Your request for erasure must be respected even if it includes your personal data as long as you are no longer our customer and this data is not needed for tax purposes.

What happens if you refuse to share your personal data with us?

If we require personal data to facilitate the provision of a service under a contract, we will refuse to enter into a contract with you until you share the personal data we need.

Your Rights

At Essay Fountain all legal rights to your personal data are highly respected. The following are your rights under the law and what we do to protect your rights.

Legal right What we do to protect your right
Right to information Our reason for publishing this privacy policy is to pass information to you on how your personal data is processed. We always try our best to be as transparent as possible. You can also contact us via email, call or live chat to ask any question about our privacy policy.   
The right to access your information You have the right to access any of your personal data that you have shared with us. To access the personal data we have about you, please contact our data protection office through our email address. 
The right to be rectified You have the right to request for rectification of any information we have about you that you feel might be incorrect. If we have shared the incorrect data with third parties with your own permission, we will also request them to rectify the data they have about you. Contact our data protection officer to have your personal data rectified.
The right to erasure This is the right to be deleted or forgotten. Your data will be deleted if you request this and we do not have a legal reason to hold or process your information.  As long as there is no incomplete business between you and our company, then you will be granted this with immediate effect.  
The right to restrict processing You have the right to restrict or limit the processing of your personal data. We can store your data but we are not permitted to process it. You can contact our data protection officer to restrict your data.
The right to data portability You have the right to access and use the data we hold about in a safe and secure way without it affecting the usability of your data. This refers to the personal data we hold about you and with your permission.   
The right to object You have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data even if the processing is for our legitimate interest, direct marketing, for the purpose of statistics or even for the exercise of official authority.
The right to withdraw consent You have the right to withdraw your consent after your previous permission allowing us to process your data, you can request us to stop processing your data at any time.
The right to complain to a Supervisory Authority You have the right to complain to ICO (the Information Commissioner’s Office) which is the official independent regulatory office that is in charge of upholding information rights in the interest of the public.  You can also complain to any other authority if you feel your problem was not solved well. 

Links to other websites

You will find links to and from other websites shared on our website. These websites can be our partner networks, affiliates, and advertisers. Before sharing your personal data with these websites, ensure you read their terms as their policies are different and we do not accept liability in case of anything.

Age limitations

We do not permit the use of our website to persons under the age of 16 or to the extent forbidden by applicable law. In case you notice or think someone under 16 years is accessing our services, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can delete their data and prohibit them from using our services.

Changes to this privacy policy

Due to changes in laws, regulations and industry standards our privacy policy might change from time to time. These changes can also be caused by a change in our business. In case of such a change, the change will be posted on our Privacy Policy page and you will be requested to review them for you to stay informed. If in any case the changes made to this privacy policy affects your privacy rights, you will receive another notice via your email or on your personal order page. In case you disagree with the changes made on our privacy policy, feel free to deactivate your account.

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