We are always committed to ensuring that you feel safe when working with us, so we take our guarantees very seriously.  You will only need a couple of minutes to read through this page. However, after reading, we guarantee that will be completely ready to use our assignment help services.


Each of our papers is authentic and developed as per your unique requirements and your professor’s instructions. We also don’t store up your essay in any kind of database with the intention of reselling or sharing with other students or entities. We are confident about our writers’ morality and reliability. However, before sending the final paper to you, we always scan your paper for plagiarism. For this purpose, we have developed an in-house plagiarism software that is comparable to any other top-of-the-range plagiarism testing software.


100% Money Back

You can never lose your money with us. If you cannot get value for your money, and in due time, you will at least get back all your money. The most common reason for a refund is when you decide to cancel an order. In this case, if you were prompt and applied for getting your money back as soon as possible, we give a 100% refund.

If a writer has already started working on your assignment, the compensation can equal 50-70%, depending on the time already spent on the paper. Sometimes our clients may apply for compensation because they think the paper provided is of poor quality. In such cases, our dispute managers will resolve the request, respecting the customer’s concerns and the interests of our writer.



We value your data. In fact, we don’t need much of your personal details, and the information we receive from you will be stored carefully. Our company is extremely efficient in guarding the privacy of our clients. To feel even more confident about our strict obedience to the new GDPR rules.


Revision Policy

You can apply for a revision if you think your paper could be better. In this case, your paper will be revised either by the specialist assigned to you or by another writer. You can use this option as many times as you find necessary (provided that your demands will not change with each review). This is free of charge, as we want you to be fully satisfied with the service delivered.


24/7 Support

In case you have a specific query that needs a quick response, don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 support team. Our team members are available via email, live chat, and phone. Our crew is friendly and ready to help you with any issue.

If you want to know more about your rights and our obligations, read our terms and conditions


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