Performance Measurement.

Performance measurement is an incessant examining of an outcome with time, frequently for several years, to look for dissimilar signals of change that can be due to different campaigns, programs or initiatives (Chiesa & Frattini, 2009). Evaluation undoubtedly can employ quantitative measures to settle on if the change has occurred or not. But it usually brings qualitative information into the act. With performance measures, change signals in the time sequence of quantitative data are vital.

Performance measurement is not a part of the assessment. It is a means that managers use, but not evaluators. Distinct from program evaluation, which calls for an excellent methodological collection and requires the knowledge of trained evalua­tors, performance measurement is clear-cut. Program objectives along with resultant outcomes are recognized (Chiesa & Frattini, 2009). Another benefit is that measures track results, and data are collected that allow managers and other stakeholders to scrutinize program performance. Performance measures consequently necessary in order to know whether the program is performing where it ought to be.

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