Policemen of the World.

The following discussion shows how the U.S has been the Policemen of the World in the past.

The U.S created a foreign policy after the Civil War. This policy dictates its relations with other foreign nations. America’s defense and security lies in foreign policy by furthering certain goals. The national policy puts the nation’s interest first (War and International Law, n.d., para. 2). The U.S invasion of Iraq after the 9/11 attacks on America is an example of the foreign policy in play. President Bush believed that by invading Iraq, the U.S would cripple Al-Qaeda and would lead to the capture of Osama Bin Laden. This move was criticised by many, citing America’s invasion as a neo-colonialism effort of the West in the East. However, back at home, the U.S key intention was to curb the imminent threat of terrorism on U.S soil posed by Al-Qaeda. Although this action took time, it culminated by the killing of Bin Laden, weakening the Al-Qaeda movement.

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Another example is the sanctions imposed on Russia and President Putin over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The U.S believes that the invasion violates the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. The beliefs are in line with the foreign policy that identifies all nations as equals. A secure Ukraine and its good relations with its neighbours are in the best of interests of the U.S (Ukraine and Russia Sanctions, n.d., para. 5).

The United States has risen to the position of world’s Super Policeman due to three aspects. Firstly, the strength of the U.S military and the economic stability of the nation have favoured this position. The U.S has the strength in terms of the war power and money necessary to fight wars and emerge victoriously in the end. The resources devoted to the U.S military goes to the strengthening its involvement in international incidents.

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