Project Management


This may leave the organization trying to look for different consumers, which may not be an easy task. The severity of such changes might be tremendous. Information about poor products might spill over to the target market as consumers choose to voice their concerns about products from that organization.

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Project Management
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The project’s parameters may be affected negatively in the sense that the scope may be reduced as the changes take time to reach the target market. The schedule for release and sale of the products may have to be moved forward as the changes cannot be mended overnight. If there was the option of making these changes, the quality of the product may be affected as willingness and focus may be missing factors in the final production of the products (Dodds, 2003). In such a case, there are at least three possible courses of action. One might be to ignore the problems relayed by the product engineer while hoping for the best in terms of customer satisfaction. The second action might be to delay or re-schedule the shipping of the product to a later date. This might give the company time to make the needed changes and save face in the midst of all the adversity. The third action might be to inform consumers of the changes in the product. This is to avoid any confusion that may arise upon opening of the package.

Each course of action mentioned may have its ramifications. Delaying shipping may result in the cancelling of subscriptions for the product. Announcing the changes in the package may result in a few disgruntled consumers who might have loved the product because of the initial look it had. Ignoring the problem might result in loss of a tremendous amount of consumers, and a recovery might seem unlikely. I would recommend having a delay in shipment to allow the changes to take place.

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