The Wolf of Wall Street.

As it is evident in the movie, the more money one made, the more amount of substances were abused. Matt reports in the synopsis that when Jordan and Donny formed a brokerage firm Stratford-Oakmont, they started making a lot of money which led them to abuse drugs such as cocaine. Jordan also throws lavish parties for their staff when they heat the jackpot of high trades and big group hookers are involved. The movie also has a lot of nudity, sex and bad-boy character which is not good for the society at large in protecting the moral values. Matt also shows that The Wolf of Wall Street embraces money laundering which is illegal. The characters in the movie tends to hire an attorney to keep them clear as all they care is making more money than anything else. The movie also portrays a negative influence to the people as there are acts of evasion of tax to the government system. Also, there are schemes of trashing the cash in offshore accounts as a way of covering and increasing one’s fortune. In conclusion, it is evident that The Wolf of Wall Street glorifies Jordan immoral lifestyle. Jordan is involved in abuse of hard drugs, money laundering and evasion of the tax system of government. Finally, in the movie there is use of bad language and many sexual acts which can diminish the morals values of the young generation.

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